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“Criminal detention”,Please“Sentence the defendant lawyer”Is the key

  When your family、Friends for alleged criminal was caught,For him, please stay calm,How can calm thinking“Save”He。He was as of the date of criminal detention“The former3Days”,Is the best opportunity to appoint lawyers to defend its,Please don't miss it。If missed,Please remember that:Throughout the year“37Days”Both to defend him have bigger chance to real、Substantial help to them。However,Because you are amateurs,Can't to defend it。At the moment,The only thing you can do is to entrust a true professional criminal lawyer,To help him、To defend him。But please remember“There are specialize in”,The criminal case is not any a lawyer can handle,This time you need is a battle-hardened veteran criminal defense lawyers。Through the meeting of criminal law,Understand the basic facts,At the same time to provide legal advice and legal help,Let it in the detention house to know how to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests,At the same time also can concern and entrust expression between family members,Make its in helplessness felt real love and power。

The lawyer the earlier intervention,Not approved the arrest、To obtain a guarantor pending trial、The possibility of not to Sue the stronger

  When he(Her)By taking compulsory measures as of the date of for the first time,You can always hire a lawyer for him,But I suggest you have to race with time。Because according to a large number of criminal practice,After being detained by criminal of two weeks,Is if the public security organ during the intensive,After he was detained in a few days ago is lawyer to meet with the key is to determine whether the criminal suspect is guilty of the golden age。During this period,If the lawyer the earlier intervention,The sooner the criminal suspect aware of their rights and laws,Can better protect themselves,Safeguard their legitimate rights and interests from the infringement。In the end was acquitted because of insufficient evidence、The more likely is the potential for a guarantor pending trial。

Why choose us?---We can well realize customers a full range of requirements

  Intelligence law firm was founded in guangdong countries1993Years,Wu Shouchang lawyerCriminal defense by guangdong team、Guangzhou veteran of criminal defense lawyers,Its main members are lawyers, deputy director of the guangdong countries think tank、Senior partner lawyer,At the same time, some members of duty criminal defense lawyers association of guangdong province, deputy director of professional committee、Guangzhou lawyers association, deputy director of the criminal procedure law、The second guangzhou maintaining public security corps deputy chief of police law enforcement rights law,Guangzhou city people's procuratorate supervisors and other social functions。Its placeIntelligence law firm is the guangzhou city guangdong countries criminal case a few main large law firm。Since the practice,Wu Shouchang lawyer punishment debate team has been committed to criminal defense and research,Especially in the economic crime、Duty crime cases,The fruitful handling the case,In their own professional expertise to the greatest extent to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties,Have a license from guangzhou lawyers association2014Years、2016Years“Business achievement”、Guangzhou tianhe issued by the justice department“Advanced individual”Such as the honorary title。In recent years,Lawyer wu and his team members successfully dealt with many major criminal cases,Including fraud、Robbery、Rape、The kidnapping、Intentional injury、Counterfeit registered trademark、Smuggling、Criminal crimes such as corruption and bribery cases,Through a lawyer involved in defense,In the public security investigation phase“Will not be approved the arrest”、In the people's procuratorate to make examination and prosecution stage“Not to prosecute”、In the court case everywhere,Through a lawyer trial for probation defense case is countless。The example above after successful defense,In the society caused a strong reaction,Widely acclaimed by the parties and their families。

Our criminal defense“Advantage”Where is the?

  1、Great lawyer

       Wu Shouchang lawyers argue punishment debate professional team all by senior lawyer,Former prosecutor、Judges。After ten years of sedimentation and development,The grasp of the direction to criminal defense and defense、Judgement and use has the unique ability,This is the general law and the launched a lawyer can't do it。The lawyer wu's law firm,Guangdong province、Guangzhou established law firm,Large scale、High credibility,Is one of the guangzhou specification law firm。

  2、A strong case resources
       In the process of long term working,Wu Shouchang lawyer team has accumulated a lot of resources,Can quickly to every link in the process of case to deal with sensitive response,To maximize the protection of the rights of the trustor,Can according to the different requirements of families achieve more。This is our“To shine”Place。

  3、Strong professional level
       With the development of practical needs,Wu Shouchang lawyer's punishment debate team to further in criminal defense“To obtain a guarantor pending trial”、“No arrest”、“Not to prosecute”、“On probation”、“Pleaded not guilty”Part of research,Truly to spot with the surface,The effect is remarkable。
  At present,Wu Shouchang criminal lawyer team focus more on the criminal investigation phase的“No arrest”Defense research and procuratorate of examination and prosecution stage“Not to prosecute”Defense research。Business scope covers the criminal defense、Major cases appeal the sentence、To obtain a guarantor pending trial、Probation is dealt with、Pleaded not guilty。Business types mainly include all kinds ofIntentional injuryStealingThe crime of fraudCrime correctlyDrug-related casesRobberyCorruption and briberyRapeThe kidnappingOther criminal defenseAnd so on。

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